• Herpin Turns in 1,600 Plus Signatures to Get on Ballot

    Retired Naval and Air Force officer, Bernie Herpin collects more than enough signatures to take on John Morse in Recall Election.


    Colorado Springs, CO - Today, Bernie Herpin turned in his nominating petitions to the Secretary of State, taking the next step in the effort to replace John Morse in the historic recall election to be held September 10.

    I’m honored to stand as the only Constitutional defender on the ballot to replace John Morse when he is recalled on September 10th,” said Herpin.

    Herpin collected more than 1600 signatures on his nominating petitions.

    Only 1000 Republican signatures from Senate District 11 are needed to appear on the recall ballot.

    “The outpouring of support from Manitou Springs to Powers Boulevard is overwhelming,” said Herpin.

    I’m excited to listen to all citizens of Senate District 11 and let them know they can recall John Morse and replace him with a senator who’ll defend the Constitution and actually respect their concerns,” continued Herpin.

    Nearly three weeks ago, Bernie Herpin earned 62.5% of the vote in the Republican Party’s process to select one candidate to run in the John Morse recall election.

    “Whether it’s our freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of the press, or right to keep and bear Arms, every day we see politicians like John Morse eroding the rights of law-abiding citizens.”

    “In the Navy and Air Force, I took an oath to defend the Constitution and as a private citizen, I have fought for our local community. If elected, I will continue to do so in the State Senate,” concluded Herpin.

    Bernie Herpin has been endorsed by dozens of state and local community leaders.

    For questions, call Bernie Herpin at 719-661-0210 or email Info@BernieHerpin.com.


  • Keith King Leads New Wave of Republicans Rallying Behind Bernie Herpin

    Republicans build unified front behind retired Naval and Air Force officer Bernie Herpin as the best conservative to replace John Morse


    Colorado Springs, CO – Today Keith King led a new round of respected grassroots and elected leaders from throughout the local area unifying behind retired Naval and Air Force officer, Bernie Herpin.

    “Having both served in the State Senate and on City Council, I know the type of leadership we need to get things done in a legislative body,” said City Council President Keith King.

    “Bernie Herpin has the background and dedication to represent our values in Denver,” concluded King.

    Herpin has spent a half-century protecting our rights. In both the Navy and Air Force, he took an oath to defend the Constitution.

    “As a fellow veteran, I know Bernie took an oath to defend the Constitution and has worked his whole life to keep it. Bernie’s a straight arrow. What you see is what you get. You know you can trust him to fight for our community in Denver,” said House Minority Leader, Mark Waller.

    Ron Holladay, a Precinct Leader in Senate District 11 stated,“It’s becoming very clear that Bernie Herpin gives us the best chance to defeat John Morse in the recall. I’m calling on fellow Republican leaders in Senate District 11 to join me in supporting Bernie Herpin today.”

    From helping found the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition, volunteering with the Colorado Springs Police Department for more than 25 years, and serving in many leadership positions in his church, Bernie Herpin has a proven record of dedication to our community.

    That is why he has earned the support of these key community leaders.

    “I’m honored to have so many strong local leaders endorse me and recognize my dedication to defending constitutional rights and fighting for our local community,” said Bernie Herpin.

    They understand that job number one in this election is to recall John Morse,” remarked Herpin.

    New Grassroots & Elected Leader Endorsements

    Keith King, C.S. City Council President

    Dennis Hisey, Commissioner

    The Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition

    Donna Deleon, SD 11 Precinct Leader

    Ron Holladay, SD 11 Precinct Leader

    Clyde Mitchell, SD 11 Precinct Leader

    Jo Mitchell, SD 11 Precinct Leader

    Rubby Alcivar, SD 11 Precinct Leader

    Mary Gallivan, SD 11 Precinct Leader

    Jan Doran, Colorado Springs Neighborhood Activist

    Welling Clark, Community Leader

    Dennis Moore, Community Leader

    Mark Barker, Representative (HD17, Ret.)

    Andy Pico, C.S. Springs City Council (Dist. 6)

    Jerry Heimlicher, C.S. Springs City Council (Ret.)

    John Buckley, Fmr. GOP Legal Counsel



    Local Legislators & State Officials

    Mark Waller, House Minority Leader (HD15)

    Bob Gardner, Representative (HD21)

    Andy McElhany, Senator (Ret.), Fmr. Senate Minority Leader

    Ed Jones, Senator (SD11, Ret.)

    Larry Liston, Representative (HD16, Ret.)

    Bill Sinclair, Representative (HD16, Ret.)

    Kyle Hybl, CU Regent (CD5)

    El Paso County & Colorado Springs

    Sallie Clark, Commissioner

    Bob Balink, County Treasurer

    Merv Bennett, President Pro-tem, C.S. City Council

    Scott Hente, Fmr. C.S. City Council President

    Margaret Radford, C.S. City Council (Ret.)

    Terry Harris, Fmr. Commissioner & County Administrator

    Bob Null, School Board Member (District 11)

    Holly Williams, Fmr. Public Trustee

    Community & Grassroots Leaders

    Paul Paradis, President of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition

    Mother Mary Harold, Community Leader



    Watch Bernie’s Video on Why He’s Running

    Press Contact: Bernie Herpin at 719-661-0210 or email Info@BernieHerpin.com.