• Helping Those Affected by Floods and Fires

    This week I met with Governor Hickenlooper, Commissioner Sallie Clark, Manitou Springs Mayor Marc Snyder, and city officials at the Manitou Springs City Hall for a briefing on their proposed flood mitigation projects.

    Bernie Governor Clark Flood Fire BriefingWe discussed how the Federal, state and local governments can work with affected residents to get the assistance they need and help return some normalcy to their lives.

    Afterwards, we then toured the area on Canyon Avenue where homes were heavily damaged. We also checked on the repairs being made by the Colorado Department of Transportation on the ramp from US-24 into Manitou Springs.

    It is shocking to see the damage that fellow members or our community have experienced following the fires and floods.

    The governor did a photo-op and Mayor Snyder reminded people of the importance of getting flood insurance.

    I made it clear I would support legislative efforts to assist the victims of the fires and floods. I will also work with local officials like Commissioner Clark and Mayor Snyder to help get Manitou Springs back on its feet.

    My wife, Linda, and I encourage you to join us in helping the community by visiting the shops and restaurants in Manitou Springs as often as you can.

    You can also make a financial contribution to local organizations working to help victims. Pikes Peak Community Foundation is one of those organizations helping in our community. You can make a donation by going to there website here.


    Bernie Herpin

    Senate District 11

  • Swearing-In Photos & Remarks

    IMG_6340Recall victors Bernie Herpin and George Rivera wait to be sworn in at the Capitol.


    Bernie Herpin Swearing-In Remarks

    Thank you Madam President,  Mr. Chief Justice, fellow Senators, honorable Representatives, distinguished guests, friends, and family: thank you for being here this morning to share in this historic and humbling occasion.

    A special thank you to my wife, Linda, who has stood by my side all these years.  Also thank you to my fellow veterans and all our men and women serving in our armed forces for protecting the freedoms we enjoy, including the right to elect those who represent us at all levels of government.

    We are witnessing today the peaceful transfer of responsibility from one elected official to another – a freedom that many people, who live under dictatorships, have never known.

    I cannot begin to tell you how honored I am to be standing here.  Never would I have imagined that one day I would have the opportunity to serve in this great chamber where the history of Colorado has been, and continues to be, written.

    I look forward to serving as we work to help our fellow Coloradans recover from devastating fires and floods, to restore our citizens’ rights, to increase jobs and to protect all our citizens, especially our most vulnerable – our children.  By enacting Jessica’s Law, we will send a loud and clear message that we will not tolerate those who hurt our children.

    I realize I have much to learn and pledge that I will work hard, serve with honor, and never forget the lesson of this summer that this is truly a government of the people, by the people, and for the people and that we serve at the pleasure of those we represent.

    I pray that our heavenly father will give all of us the strength of Sampson, the wisdom of Solomon, and the compassion of Jesus as we go about doing the people’s work.  Thank you and may God Bless Colorado!

    Bernie and George are sworn in by the Chief Justice


    The new senators get a standing ovation


    Bernie addresses the standing-room only crowd


    Bernie & Linda take pictures with family & the Chief Justice


    The entire Herpin Family in attendance