Bernie’s “Priorities for Our Community” Agenda

Herpin continues to outline plans for office; Morse fails to tell voters what he’ll do beyond collecting a paycheck

Colorado Springs (September 5, 2013) – Today, Navy and Air Force veteran Bernie Herpin continued his substantive policy rollout to let voters know his priorities once elected.

“This campaign is about more than the typical horse race coverage we see in the media. It is about letting voters know what type of representation they can have in Denver,” said Bernie Herpin.

“John Morse not only failed to listen to his constituteunts, but Morse has failed to tell voters what he’ll do beyond collecting a paycheck if he remains in office.” continued Herpin.

“That’s why I want voters to know what my priorities will be when I’m sworn in to replace Morse.”

My Priorities for Our Community

Tough on Crime: Punish Violent Child Molesters

Bernie Herpin will focus on public safety. As a cornerstone to that effort, Bernie’s first act will be to sponsor Jessica’s Law in the Colorado Senate.

It is shocking that John Morse works against law enforcement by pushing shorter sentences for convicted criminals, including violent sexual predators.  (McClatchy, 4/21/09; Colorado Observer, 7/29/13; Appropriations Committee Roll 4/11/08)

Morse’s “one prisoner in, one prisoner out” scheme is a radical policy promoting leniency towards criminals. (McClatchy, 4/21/09)

Last legislative session, no senator sponsored Jessica’s Law. Bernie Herpin will not only sponsor the legislation, but fight to pass it.

Recent sentences given to violent child molesters in Colorado are proof that tougher, mandatory sentences are needed (KJCT, 8/25/11; Colorado Community News, 4/1/10).

Herpin will promote a tough version of Jessica’s Law that sets a 25-year minimum sentence for violent sex offenders who prey on children ages 14 and under.

Colorado is one of only six states that doesn’t have some form of Jessica’s Law on the books.

Conversely, John Morse has called Jessica’s Law and the efforts to protect our kids from violent sexual predators “a step backwards.” (KOAA TV, 8/27/13)

For the last 25 years, Bernie Herpin has volunteered with the Colorado Springs Police Department serving on the Senior Victims Assistance Team, Handicap Parking Enforcement Unit, and DUI Enforcement Team.

“Protecting our children and making our community a safer place will be my top priority,” said Herpin.

“I will fight to pass Jessica’s Law and send a clear message to child predators that we will not tolerate their brutal crimes.”

Jobs: Rollback Morse’s Job-Killing Laws

Bernie pledges to rollback as much of the job-killing legislation as possible that John Morse and his Denver-allies rammed through the legislature.

Bernie’s guiding principle will be making it easier to do business in Colorado.

Bernie will work to repeal Morse’s radical Senate Bill 252 that shackles rural energy providers with extreme, job-killing mandates.

The entire state will be hurt by the increasing energy rates that were ordered by Morse and the legislature he controls from Denver.

“Employers from across Colorado are already seeing their energy rates skyrocket in these tough economic times. They tell me they’ll either need to layoff workers or move their businesses elsewhere,” said Herpin.

Bernie will also oppose increasing taxes/fees on taxpayers and businesses and support the senior homestead property tax exemption.

“Not only are Morse’s tax hikes hurting Colorado, we’re already seeing businesses like Magpol looking to do business elsewhere and sportsmen saying they’ll take their discretionary dollars to friendlier states, said Herpin.

John Morse’s radical agenda is hurting our economy. We need a change of focus in Denver.”

The Constitution: Restore Our Rights

Bernie Herpin will work to restore the rights taken away from law-abiding citizens in Colorado. Bernie knows this may take time, but it’s worth the fight.

Specifically, he will focus on repealing the anti-2nd amendment legislative package that Senator Morse forced onto Colorado.

Whether it’s our freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of the press, right to keep and bear Arms, or our states’ rights, every day we see politicians like John Morse and his sugarfree-daddy, Michael Bloomberg, chip away at our rights.

In the Navy and Air Force, Bernie Herpin took an oath to defend the Constitution—the whole Constitution.

As a private citizen, he has led the fight in our community to protect constitutional rights. Herpin helped found and served as the president of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition.

“In the Navy and Air Force, I took an oath to defend our Constitution. And in the senate, I will work to restore our rights,” said Bernie Herpin.

“We should be making it easier to create jobs, not more difficult.  We should focus on keeping criminals off our streets, not letting them out early. We should listen to the people of our community, not attack their rights,” declared Bernie Herpin.

“John Morse pushed a job-killing agenda and lighter sentences for criminals; he eroded our rights and failed to listen. Once elected, I will put the focus back on issues that matter to our community; not issues that matter to billionaires in New York and California,” concluded Herpin.

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