Join the growing number of respected leaders from throughout our local area announcing their support for retired Navy and Air Force officer, Bernie Herpin.

I am honored to have so many strong local leaders and organizations endorse me and recognize my dedication to defending constitutional rights and fighting for our local community.

Please join us in this fight. Your endorsement would mean a lot to me too.

- Bernie Herpin.


Grassroots Organizations

Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition

Colorado Springs Police Protective Association

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Colorado

National Rifle Association (NRA-PVF)

Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance PAC

Colorado Farm Bureau PAC

Colorado Association of Commerce & Industry

Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Colorado Contractors Association

Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCO) PAC

Colorado Springs Professional Fire Fighters Union, IAFF Local 5

Lincoln Club of Colorado


El Paso County & Colorado Springs

Doug Lamborn, Congressman (Dist. 5)

Keith King, C.S. City Council President

Bob Balink, County Treasurer

Sallie Clark, Commissioner (Dist. 3)

Dennis Hisey, Commissioner (Dist. 4)

Terry Harris, Fmr. Commissioner & County Administrator

Merv Bennett, President Pro-tem, C.S. City Council

Andy Pico, C.S. Springs City Council (Dist. 6)

Scott Hente, Fmr. C.S. City Council President

Margaret Radford, C.S. Springs City Council (Ret.)

Jerry Heimlicher, C.S. Springs City Council (Ret.)

Bob Null, School Board Member (District 11)

Holly Williams, Fmr. Public Trustee

Bill Elder, El Paso County Sheriff-Elect


Local Legislators & State Officials

Bill Owens, Governor (Ret.)

Bill Armstrong, US Senator (Ret.)

Ted Harvey, Senator (SD 30)

Janak Joshi, Representative (HD 14)

Mark Waller, House Minority Leader (HD15)

Amy Stephens, Representative (HD 19)

Bob Gardner, Representative (HD 20)

Terri Carver, Representative-Elect (HD 20)

Lois Landgraf, Representative (HD 21)

Andy McElhany, Senator (Ret.), Fmr. Senate Minority Leader

Ron May, Senator (SD10, Ret.)

Ed Jones, Senator (SD11, Ret.)

Larry Liston, Representative (HD16, Ret.)

Bill Sinclair, Representative (HD16, Ret.)

Mark Barker, Representative (HD17, Ret.)

Kyle Hybl, CU Regent (CD5)


Community Leaders

Paul Paradis, President of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition

Mother Mary Harold, Community Leader

Donna Deleon, SD 11 Precinct Leader

Ron Holladay, SD 11 Precinct Leader

Rubby Alcivar, SD 11 Precinct Leader

Mary Gallivan, SD 11 Precinct Leader

Jan Doran, Colorado Springs Neighborhood Activist

Welling Clark, Community Leader

Miles & Lori Dewhirst, Community Leaders

Willie Breazell, Community Leader

Dennis Moore, Community Leader



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