Get the Facts



The water tour Michael Merrifield’s liberal allies reference actually cost a grand total of $192.26 for Bernie Herpin to participate in.


It was part of his official duties as a city council member to provide desperately needed water to the people of Colorado Springs.


City Council is the board of directors of the Colorado Springs Utilities and is responsible for overseeing the Southern Delivery System to ensure that our community has a steady water supply for the next 50 years.


The $192.26 for the trip allowed Bernie to review how the Billion dollar project was progressing.


It was part of Bernie’s job to review the project and make sure it was on time and on budget.


According to June 2013 Southern Delivery System Program monthly report, the Southern Delivery System is now $89 million under budget.


If Bernie and the Colorado Springs Council had not succeeded in implementing the Southern Delivery System, water would have been in even shorter supply and prices would have skyrocketed.


This attack is so outlandish that the Gazette has called it, “this political season’s most insulting and outrageous lie.”

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