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Herpin Takes on Morse in New Ad

Pledges to fight for Jessica’s Law and hits Morse for opposing harsher penalties for child molesters, refusing to listen and repeated ethics scandals

Colorado Springs (September 3, 2013) - Today, the Herpin campaign began running an ad today touting his pledge to sponsor Jessica’s Law and making the case to recall John Morse from office.

Bernie Herpin begins the ad by saying, “If elected, I will fight to pass Jessica’s Law and send a clear message to child predators that we will not tolerate their brutal crimes.”

Jessica’s Law sets a 25-year minimum sentence for sex offenders who prey on children under the age of 14. Colorado is one of only six states that doesn’t have some form of Jessica’s Law on the books.

The ad points out John Morse’s opposition to Jessica’s Law and similar legislation. Specifically, the ad says that when John Morse “had the chance to protect our kids, he voted against harsher penalties for sexual predators.” (Colorado Observer, 7/29/13; Appropriations Committee Roll 4/11/08; KOAA TV, 8/27/13)

Besides Morse’s opposition to Jessica’s Law, the Herpin ad points out Morse’s multiple ethics scandals and his unwillingness to listen to his constituents.

The ad ends by drawing the stark contrasts between the candidates.

“In the Navy and Air Force, I took an oath to defend our Constitution. And as your senator, I will respect your rights,” concluded Bernie Herpin.

Herpin Radio Ad

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