Morse Camp Intimidates Recall Backers

Retired Navy & Air Force officer Bernie Herpin calls on Morse to stop harassing his constituents and embrace the democratic process

Early Saturday voters in Senate District 11 started getting harassing calls from backers of embattled Senate President John Morse asking them to if they would like to remove their name from the Morse Recall Petition.

“This is yet another example of the John Morse camp is showing a blatant disregard for the citizens of Senate District 11,” declared Bernie Herpin.

“It becomes clearer by the day that John Morse must be replaced with someone who has spent their life defending the Constitution.”

“I’m calling on John Morse to stop the intimidation of his constituents and embrace the democratic process,” concluded Herpin.

Numerous people who received the calls contacted Herpin so he could get the word out.

“I said heck no I wasn’t going to have my name removed… I wish I could sign it 6 more times,” said Mark Finley of Colorado Springs who received a call.

“I asked if he was being paid and he said he was,” continued Finley.

Retired police officer, Dan Myers commented, “I thought the call was fishy so I asked him what his name was and he said Jeremy. Then I asked his last name. He said Jeremy again. So I said your name’s Jeremy Jeremy? He said ‘yes’. It sounded like he was a paid caller so I asked if he was. He said yes. I asked how much. He said “enough.” At that point the call was basically over.”

Construction company owner Ron Holladay said, “After trying to convince me to change my mind about signing the John Morse recall petition, I asked if they were being paid by the Morse campaign. They refused to answer the question and hung up.”

Recall Petition Signers got the call from the number (719) 218-9501. When a call is placed to the number, the caller simply gets the sound of a fax machine.

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