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Morse’s Internet Tax Could Be Back

The Denver Business Journal reports today :

“The Denver-based federal appeals court overturned the federal district court ruling from 2012 that declared the 2.9 percent tax was tilted unfairly against out-of-state retailers, and that it put an undue burden on retailers to either collect the tax owed by consumers or report consumer purchases to the state.”

John Morse passed this tax hike on Colorado to punish online retailers such as But the result? Every Amazon affiliate living in Colorado was no longer able to do business with Amazon.

More jobs and business that Morse has chased out of our state.

The Amazon tax–along with billions of dollars worth of tax hikes that John Morse has pushed on Colorado–is just another reason why John Morse has cost Colorado too much.  Recalling Morse is a bargain.

Read the entire Denver Business Journal article here:

Colorado’s ‘Amazon tax’ isn’t back … yet

Greg Avery, Denver Business Journal 8/21/13 

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