New Rules for Emergency Mail Ballot Voting

Military spouses away from home, like Herpin’s daughter, must request Mail Ballot to vote in recall



Colorado Springs (August 21, 2013) – The Colorado Secretary of State in conjunction with the El Paso Clerk and Recorder’s Office have worked to create a system for Emergency Mail Ballot voting for the September 10th recall election.

The Emergency Mail Ballot voting system gives voters who are going to be out of town during in-person voting between September 5 and September 10 the possibility of having their vote counted.ClicktoDownload-RecallEmergencyMailBallotApp


The application should be faxed to the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s office at 719-520-7327 or emailed to

“I’m pleased that our election officials are working to try to give our military, military spouses, and the bedridden the possibility of voting,” said Bernie Herpin.

“Hopefully John Morse has learned a lesson about the unintended consequences of government overreach and his abuse of power,” continued Herpin.

Since the election was thrown into upheaval on August 12, Bernie Herpin has been making the case that we must make sure every eligible voter has a chance to cast a ballot in this historic recall election.

The upheaval came about because John Morse rammed through short-sighted election legislation in the final days of this year’s legislative session.  

At the last moment, John Morse rewrote election laws to create a favorable set of rules for his party and his own recall election.

As the Gazette put it,The Morse/Giron bill wasn’t introduced until April 22, long after recalls were organized against them. Motive? We don’t know. It’s a thing that makes you go ‘hmmm.’(Editorial, The Gazette 8/16/13)

John Morse and Angela Giron sponsored the legislation. (HB 13-1303)

“Ironically, Morse and other advocates promoted the bill as something that might ease voting and enfranchise voters.” (Editorial, The Gazette 8/14/13)

Unfortunately, the real result has been that virtually all people in Senate District 11 will have to vote in-person beginning September 5th.

Bernie and Daughter Kari-Lower3rd

Most military personnel serving away from home could also either lose their right to a secret ballot or could even be disenfranchised in this election.

Military voting is particularly important to Navy and Air Force veteran, Bernie Herpin.

Herpin’s son-in-law and daughter call Colorado Springs home but are currently stationed in California with the United States Navy.

“I was upset when I learned that my husband, who serves in the Navy and I might not be able to vote for my dad, Bernie Herpin,” said Kari DeBurger, Bernie Herpin’s daughter.

“I can’t believe John Morse would jeopardize the votes of our military in order to save his own skin.”

“I appreciate election officials doing their best to fix an unfixable situation created by John Morse and other Denver politicians. My hope is that all military families away from home realize they need to fill out the new Emergency Mail Ballot application to make sure their voices are heard,” concluded Kari DeBurger.

As the Gazette put it, “The Morse recall came about because the senator displayed disregard for rule of law and values of his community. The election law, which a judge ruled partly unconstitutional, is one more example of the senator’s poor judgment.” (Editorial, The Gazette 8/16/13)



Judge’s Ruling Sidelines Mail Ballots in Morse, Giron Recall Contests (Leslie Jorgensen, The Colorado Observer 8/13/13)

Morse-sponsored ‘Colorado Voter Access’ law violates state constitution (Gazette Editorial, The Gazette 8/14/13)

Morse-backed election overhaul may lead to rampant voter fraud (Gazette Editorial, The Gazette 8/16/13)


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