Now’s the Time, Stand for the 2nd Amendment

“I’m running to defend our Constitutional rights, but I need your help.

Your personal donation of up to $200 will send a strong message to Colorado Senate President John Morse, Mayor Bloomberg, and liberal politicians across America that we will no longer let our rights be trampled.

Thank you for joining me and a growing list of respected leaders below by donating to our campaign today.”

- Bernie Herpin

2nd Amendment Letter – Paul Paradis

To Second Amendment Supporters:

By recalling Colorado Senate President John Morse, we’ll draw a line in the sand that no liberal politician will dare to cross.

That’s why I’m glad to tell you we have a true Constitutional conservative to stand up to Michael Bloomberg’s errand boy in Colorado’s recall election.

Today the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition PAC is proud to announce we are endorsing retired Naval and Air Force officer, Bernie Herpin, to defeat John Morse’s anti-freedom agenda.PaulBernieatShop

In the Navy and Air Force, Bernie took an oath to defend our Constitutional rights.

Not only has Bernie lived up to that oath by serving our nation; he helped found the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition and served as our past president.

Bernie’s the only candidate running with a proven record of defending the Second Amendment.

He’s been in the trenches defending our Constitutional rights for decades.

He’s a man of commitment. He’s been committed to Linda for over 48 years.BernieLindaEmailPic

Now’s the time we stand alongside him and say our rights “shall not be infringed!”

So many of you have already stepped up and I’m grateful for it.

But Colorado law allows gun grabber, John Morse, to raise unlimited contributions to defeat his recall, but restricts Bernie to only $200 per person.

I know it’s not fair, but that’s the law.

So good news… the most you have to give is $200 per person.

That’s a small price to pay to protect your rights.

While we will be outspent in this fight, we will win.

Momentum’s building.

More people signed the petition to recall John Morse than voted for Morse in the last election.

But what we can’t do is be outspent 10 to 1 and still win.

That’s why your donation matters more today than it will later.

There is only a little time left before the first fundraising deadline this coming Sunday, June 30 at midnight.

As we face this week’s fundraising deadline, can you make a donation of up to $200 to defend our rights?

Will you agree to stand with Bernie Herpin today?

If so, I promise you that we will do everything in our power to defeat John Morse and his anti-freedom agenda.


Paul Paradis
Owner, Paradise Firearms Sales
President, Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition


P.S. We’re not the only ones standing with Bernie Herpin. Please join all of these local and state leaders who already stepped up to defend our Constitutional rights by backing Bernie Herpin. Now you can do the same by donating up to $200 today to defend our rights.

Leaders Backing Retired Naval & Air Force Officer, Bernie Herpin:


Defenders of Liberty

The Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition PAC


El Paso County & Colorado Springs

Bob Balink, County Treasurer

Sallie Clark, Commissioner (Dist. 3)

Terry Harris, Fmr. Commissioner & County Administrator

Merv Bennett, President Pro-tem, C.S. City Council

Scott Hente, Fmr. C.S. City Council President

Margaret Radford, C.S. Springs City Council (Ret.)

Jerry Heimlicher, C.S. Springs City Council (Ret.)

Bob Null, School Board Member (District 11)

Holly Williams, Fmr. Public Trustee


Local Legislators & State Officials

Mark Waller, House Minority Leader (HD15)

Bob Gardner, Representative (HD21)

Andy McElhany, Senator (Ret.), Fmr. Senate Minority Leader

Ed Jones, Senator (SD11, Ret.)

Larry Liston, Representative (HD16, Ret.)

Bill Sinclair, Representative (HD16, Ret.)

Kyle Hybl, CU Regent (CD5)


Community Leaders

Paul Paradis, President of the Pikes Peak Firearms Coalition

Mother Mary Harold, Community Leader

John Buckley, Fmr. GOP Legal Counsel


Watch Bernie’s Announcement Video

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