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Springs Leaders Blast Morse on Ethics Failings

Outline Morse’s Repeated Ethics Scandals


Colorado Springs (August 23, 2013) - Today, Colorado Springs leaders took John Morse to task over his repeated ethics scandals.

Current City Council President Keith King said, “John Morse’s entire campaign has been about trying to hide his multiple ethics scandals from the public. It’s not working and is yet another reason why John Morse will be recalled on September 10th.”

Some key facts from John Morse’s multiple ethics scandals include:

“On the beat, we get called to the same houses over and over again. Generally, when there’s smoke, there’s fire. We need a state senator we can trust, not one who plays fast and loose with the rules,” said former Colorado Springs Police Protective Association President Pete Tomitsch.

“John Morse paid a penance for his self-proclaimed Denver ‘Passion Pit’ while regular folks here are struggling to make their mortgage payments. His abuse of power is shameful” said small business owner and former House District 17 candidate Kit Roupe.

“John Morse has been hurting taxpayers for years,” said former State Senator Ed Jones said.

“In fact, John Morse bilked us for more than $70,000 in one year alone and we’ve learned that he was getting paid for doing ‘constituent work’ in China. Recalling John Morse will be a bargain,” continued Jones.

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