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Springs Police Association Endorses Herpin

Police Protective Association Endorses Herpin, Calls Morse “Out of Touch” and “Abysmal on Public Safety”

Police Protective Association Endorses Herpin, Calls Morse “Out of Touch”

Colorado Springs (August 14, 2013)  Today at a press conference in the heart of Colorado Springs, the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association endorsed Bernie Herpin in the recall election of John Morse.

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The PPA represents over 800 active and retired Colorado Springs police officers.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the men and women who work everyday to keep Colorado Springs safe,” said Herpin.

For the last 25 years, Bernie Herpin has given his time as a volunteer with the Colorado Springs Police Department with their Senior Victims Assistance Team, Handicap Parking Enforcement Unit, and DUI Enforcement Team.

The Colorado Springs Police Protective Association made their rationale for the endorsement very clear.

“We are outraged that Senator Morse is using a photograph of himself in our uniform in a political ad leaving the impression that he represents our values. John Morse doesn’t share our values and doesn’t have our support,” said Officer Tim Ives, Treasurer of the CSPPA.

Ives continued, “Morse has ignored us and our concerns while Bernie Herpin has worked hand-and-hand with us for decades. This endorsement was a no-brainer.”

Much has been made about John Morse and his ignoring constituent input over the last year. For the CSPPA it goes much further.

“During his time in the senate, John Morse didn’t ask for our input once on public safety issues and consequently passed legislation that made our jobs tougher,” said Officer Barry Freeman, CSPPA Board of Directors.

“Conversely, Bernie Herpin has had our backs as a longtime volunteer and worked with us while on City Council,” continued Freeman.

John Morse has been in the State Senate for the last seven years and led the way to enact shorter sentences for criminals:

  • Morse’s bills would have turned many felonies including some identity theft crimes into misdemeanors and placed a cap on the number of criminals that can be imprisoned at one time. (McClatchy, 4/21/09).
  • Additionally, Morse voted to kill a bill that would have increased sentences for criminals who commit sex offenses against children. (Appropriations Committee Roll, 4/11/08; The Colorado Observer, 7/29/13)

“While we’re working to keep our streets safe for law-abiding citizens, Senator Morse has disarmed law-abiding citizens and tried to let more criminals out of state prisons,”said Officer Mike Ray, CSPPA Board of Directors. ”He’s working against rank-and-file police officers and must be stopped. We need a change.”

“We are asking the citizens of Senate District 11 to vote yes to recall John Morse and replace him with Bernie Herpin to give us an actual advocate for law-abiding citizens in Denver,” concluded Officer Barry Freeman, CSPPA Board of Directors.

Read The Colorado Observer article on the press conference here

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P.S. Join the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association in stepping up in this recall election. 

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